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Jan 09, 2020

Flexible Factory Partner Alliance
January 09, 2020

Technical Specifications Available to Stabilize Various Wireless Communication Systems Co-located in Factory Sites

- FFPA starts to invite adopter members to access the specifications -

Flexible Factory Partner Alliance (FFPA, *1) provides the technical specifications that is aiming for various wireless systems co-located in factory sites to operate stably.

The specifications have been standardized based on Smart Resource Flow (SRF) wireless platform (*2) originally proposed by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), making it easy to visualize and interactively manage various information on the manufacturing sites. The technical specifications define functions and interfaces to provide framework for coordination and coexistence of wireless systems with different standards, of different generations, and by different vendors coexisting in a same factory site.

FFPA has started to invite adopter members (*3) who can access the technical specifications. Please contact for inquiries. FFPA is developing test specifications for preparation of certification program starting around in the middle of 2020.

*1 Flexible Factory Partner Alliance (FFPA)
FFPA (Chairperson: Andreas Dengel, DFKI) is a non-profit organization to promote the formulation of standards for coordination control technology, ensuring stable communications in an environment where various wireless systems coexist in manufacturing facilities.

*2 SRF Wireless Platform
System architecture to stabilize various wireless systems with connected facilities. SRF (Smart Resource Flow) is a system engineering strategy of managing resources (e. g., human, facilities, equipment, materials, energy, and communications) using multilayer system analysis to achieve optimal performance.

*3 FFPA adopter members
FFPA adopter members have right to (a) access the technical specifications, (b) make products compliant with the technical specifications, and (c) join certification program (to be planned).